Alice Wong

History, 2007. Steel, stocking, earth and grass (2m x1.5m)

Seeking to “kill the angel of the house” Alice Wong explores boundaries. She aims to “kick at the pricks” of her taboos through colours, textures and sensuous, sexual imagery exploring the private places and exposing them to public gaze. There is a vital engagement with the past and the present a synchronising and synthesising of experience and interpretation.

To make work Wong uses a variety of materials and methods- from fabrics to metals, plants, earth, ashes to food, found objects and ready-mades, insects and animals - it is all grist. She employs stitching and growing, welding and stuffing, twisting and pushing, pulling and sticking.

As with the temporal and cyclic nature of life and life’s experiences, the unstable materials continue their work of transformation throughout the show.


Born 1959


2006 Diploma(Distinction) in Foundation Studies(Art and Design) Wimbledon College of Art
2006-2009 B.A. Fine Art (Sculpture )Wimbledon College of Art

Group Exhibitions

2007 Second Coming, Wimbledon College of Art
2007 Park 07 Ground Rules May 12th-15th Cannizaro Park London
2006 The Great Exhibition Room Arlington Gallery London

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