Antonia Grant

Liquefaction II, 2007.

Antonia Grant translates design, architecture and useful products into emotional statements about gender, sexuality and spirituality, and the human conditions of hope, greed and fear.
By process of remaking the 'artefacts', using materials like sugar, salt, wood, crystals, lighting, fabrics and paper, Grant creates installations and sculptures that overpower a space or re-examine ideas of domesticity. These may involve wall coverings, food and food utensils, canopies, walkways, landscape design and architectural models.
If the interior or the skeleton of the work is design product, 'the masculine', then the exterior is the embellishment of the female, the opposite of the modernist view. Within Grant's work the Baroque, the female, embellishes the modernist, the masculine. She seeks to show the modern world through the feminine ideal.

Adolf loos 'Ornament and Crime' - Architect
Herzog de Meuron collaboration with Joseph Beuys - Architects and Artist
Jim Isermann - Artist
Jorge Pardo - Artist
Rebecca Horn - Artist


Born 1967
Lives and Works in London


2006 - 2009 BA Fine Art (Sculpture), Wimbledon College of Art

Solo Exhibitions

2006 Kuwait Marina, Kuwait City, Kuwait
2003 Foyer J Walter Thompson Agency, London

Group Exhibitions

2007 'Air Guitar and Two Teaspoons', Bishoff Weiss Gallery, London

Interventions and Installations

2004 Scent Systems Perfumers - Shop interior installation


2002 Flux Magazine 'Manifesto for a new begining to the search for more' David Piper (para 2, page 11)

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