Charlotte Davis

The basis of Charlotte Davis' work is to find everyday items and use them in ways in which they are not normally used. Davis takes simple things that are all around us - things that we don't take note of, things that we ignore, things that we don't see. By taking these items and displaying them an unusual way, she questions their use.
"I have always thought that it is the little things that count, for example, if we didn't have paperclips or staples we wouldn't be able to hold the paper together. The paperclip is a structure. Such an insignificant item can represent something that has a bigger meaning. I started looking into what holds us together and I found myself asking 'Does society hold us together or do we hold society together?'"
From the day we are born we are loking at others - we see and copy what they do. A baby will learn to talk by listening to its parents. We are aware of gestures and we copy these - we recognise when the gesture should take place and we use the same gesture in the same situation. By performing gestures it enables us to recognise ourselves and others, and the self, rather than simply existing, is formed constantly.
We are constantly repeating ourselves. Our lives are full of doing the same thing - brushing our teeth, taking the train, buying milk, waiting in a queue. Doing something over and over again can be boring, mindless, time confusing and frustrating. Davis tries to incorporate this aspect of our lives into her work. By turning the every day into something else, something more exciting, she aims to find something in the norm that you wouldn't usually see.



2006-2009 BA Fine Art (Sculpture), Wimbledon College of Art

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