Clare Tandy

Untitled, 2008. Polystyrene cup and household pins

'Drawing is a verb' Richard Serra

Process, and the trace of that process, are integral to drawing. The action used to make a mark becomes that mark. The drawing is an image of an action. The visual merks made by sound, the doing and undoing of a mark, the space of a mark, at their core all have the essence of an action.

How does a mark contain or release space?

How does a sculpture contain or release space?

A drawing and a sculpture, there is no clear line between the two. Some sculptures are three dimensional drawings. What begins as a drawing can become a sculptural object. A conversation develops between the two dimensional and the three dimensional. Materials used for making sculpture are used for drawing - so plastic tubing used within a sculpture is then dipped in ink and used as a drawing tool - and the sculpture and the drawing become part of each other. Discovering how an object draws itself is a way of understanding the essence of that object.


Born 1979


2006-2009 BA Fine Art (Sculpture), Wimbledon College of Art
2004-2006 Access to H.E. (Art and Design), Stroud College

Group Exhibitions

2007 Second Coming, Wimbledon College of Art


2007 WCA Drawing Prize

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