Exhibition Details


Tuesday 29th April - Tuesday 6th May 2008 inclusive.

Opening times:

Monday to Friday - 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Weekends - closed

Press release

Any surface is an interface. But if the light does not penetrate, simply bouncing back and forth, feeding our image hungry world, we remain ignorant of what these surfaces divide.

The artists in this show seek to return to the source of the ‘real’ and examine more closely what is present. To get under the ‘skin’ of the image could mean a desire to retrieve what our ancestors saw as the ‘object soul’ of things. However this is not to imply a return to the modernist ideal of the self reflexive, autonomous object. It is more of an attempt to build a comprehensive view of what we encounter by unravelling what is in front of us, before we get lost in this self perpetuating blizzard of repetition and insignificance.

‘Outsidewaysin’ reminds us that the surface is just part of the story.