Et Cetera Gallery

Et Cetera Gallery is run by the PRA (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association), a self help organisation founded in the London borough of Hackney in 1959. It has since developed into a dynamic range of services in three London boroughs.
PRA services are a partnership with patients, relatives, friends and proffesional workers in association with the statutory social services a nd health authority that fund this work. The PRA has developed a wide range of community care facilities aimed at stimulationg those recovering from mental illness and thus leading to greater initiative and social awareness. our aim is to encourage particioants to play an active part in the community so that, in conjunction with medical treatments, symptoms retreat or at least lessen in significance. With established projects in Hackney, Haringey and Islington, the PRA now has active links with several agencies abroad including, China, Japan, Russia and Greece.

The gallery is housed in the ground floor at Darnley Road Day Centre.